Services Offered

Backup and Restore

Backing up your website and making sure it’s possible to restore is something many folks don’t think about, especially when relying on free hosting options that do this for you in the background. We will set up a backup plan and test it so that we know for sure your data will be available in case your website is hacked or otherwise disabled.

Content Creation and Maintenance

Many of us have great ideas that we’d like to see on the web, but we don’t have the time or energy to type and format everything for the web. Send us the content you’d like to see on your website and we’ll make sure it gets on your website, formatted in a way that’s easy to read. If you prefer to create your own content, that’s great! You’ll get your own login information that you can use to modify your website in whatever ways you prefer.

Management of Complex Features

Do you need to sell products? Want to sell books through Amazon? Host a petition? Host a group calendar, forum, or email list? Collect information in a survey? Set up your own microblogging platform or social network? We can help you set up a variety of different features for your website. As long as the service is free to set up and run, there will be no additional cost for you to offer these more complicated features.


It’s important to us that everyone has access to this type of technology. The more digital our society becomes, the more important it’s going to be to have the skills needed in order to manipulate and present digital information. We will explain what we’re doing in a way that’s easy to understand. And if it’s not easy to understand, we’ll keep trying to explain it in different ways until you’re satisfied that you know what’s going on. This training is offered as a part of our basic services.

Domain Name Registration

You pick your domain name and we will do the rest. We’ll make sure your domain name is renwed when it needs to be renewed and handle all of the Domain Name Services (DNS) related to the domain.

Server Hosting

Normally, shared server hosting sells for at least $10 per month for quality hosting. That doesn’t include the domain name and sometimes other services related to the domain name and server hosting. It can also take a lot of time to go from the purchase of server hosting to a finished website. For a small fee, often less than $10 per month, we’ll do all of this for you and you’ll have a finished website much faster.

Email Address Hosting

It’s important to have email addresses that match your domain name. For instance, many websites have as their main information email address. We’ll set this up for you, along with any other email addresses you’d like me to create, and help you integrate checking and sending email from this new email address into your current email workflow. If you use Gmail or another webmail service, We’ll show you how to set things up so you can check one email account and receive/send email from your new email address.

Website Design

We offer you a basic website design that displays the information you need. It may not look fancy or have special features like some of the other more expensive web hosting services offer. We will, however, work with a designer of your choice to create a more visually pleasing website experience if you’d like.